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What Size Butcher Paper For Brisket: Know the Variations

How many times did you feel that your butcher paper is too small for your brisket? For most of us, this is a pretty common occurrence. And you might be one of those people facing problems. 

What size butcher paper for briskets? 

There are two sizes of butcher paper mostly for briskets. One is 18 inches wide and another is 24 inches wide. If the meat is not sliced up into large parts,18-inch wide butcher paper is used. Look for paper that is at least 18 inches broad and 40 pounds. However, a width of 24 inches is ideal. 

Still confused? Don’t you worry? We have a full article describing everything you need to know about this topic. 

Just give it a read.

What Size of Butcher Paper to Purchase for Briskets?

Now you know what kind of butcher paper you need. However, depending on the size of your brisket you’ll need to choose between 18” wide and 24” wide butcher paper. 

You can use an 18” wide butcher paper if the meat is not cut up in huge portions. Look for 40-pound paper that is at least 18 inches wide. 

However, if you’re planning to sell BBQ from home and want to work with large batches, 24 inches wide is preferable. It costs a little more, but wrapping briskets with broader paper is simpler. On one side, you want uncoated paper with no wax or plastic.

Now let’s find out how you should roll your brisket. 

Two broad pieces of butcher paper, four times the width of your brisket, are required for the wrap. For this reason, we recommend the 24-inch wide butcher paper. One piece of paper should be placed on your workspace with the long side parallel to you. 

Place the second layer on top, with roughly half of its width overlapped. Place the brisket, display-side up, lengthwise over the paper, approximately one foot from the bottom border. Spray the brisket one final time if it needs it, and then lightly sprinkle the outside of the wrap for good measure.

Once you’re done, make sure to smoke the brisket properly. We don’t want that juicy yummy meat to go to waste. 

Types of Butcher Paper

You might have many queries about butcher paper.  Sometimes you may have read different articles about butcher paper to properly cook briskets. However, what people don’t realize is there are different types of butcher papers. 

Packing briskets with larger paper is easier, however, it costs a bit more. 

If you don’t know all the types that exist, you might choose the wrong paper. So, let’s find out

White Butcher Paper

White butcher paper is uncoated and ideal for rolling subs, sandwiches, meats, and other items quickly. It may also be used as a tablecloth or to safeguard table surfaces. Especially during arts and crafts activities. 

Because it enables smoke to pass through yet does not contain moisture. This flexible paper may be used to cover meats before cooking.

Now wait, for multipurpose, white butcher paper is great. Here is a list of some of the best ones you can choose from:

Editor’s Choice
4.9 out of 5.0 stars
Meat Hugger White Butcher Kraft Paper
Meat Hugger White Butcher Kraft Paper

User’s Choice
4.8 out of 5.0 stars
YRYM HT White Kraft Butcher Paper
YRYM HT White Kraft Butcher Paper

Best for money
4.8 out of 5.0 stars
Bryco Goods White Kraft Butcher Paper
Bryco Goods White Kraft Butcher Paper

Pink Butcher Paper

The hue of this butcher paper varies from pale tan to dark pink. This material is effective in covering raw meat blood and fluids. The paper is thick enough to minimize exposure while enabling the meat to breathe. This avoids sogginess in the meat. 

Peach butcher paper is perfect for coating smoked meats. This is because it allows the meat to absorb the tasty smoke while shielding it from pollutants.

Steak Butcher Paper

Steak paper is typically used to exhibit beef and pig. But it also works well as a backdrop in butcher cabinets to display any sort of meat. Wrapping your meat with steak paper helps to keep the fluids in the product. 

Steak must be one of your favorite items. So having steak butcher paper is a must for you. If you ask me to suggest one, GreenTreat Steak paper tops my list.  

This will also keep the color from fading. As a result, you’ll be able to provide people with a clean-looking and fresh product. Green, black, white, and peach are just a few of the shades and sizes available.

Butcher Paper Treated With Peach

Peach-treated butcher paper resembles the standard pink butcher paper mentioned before. However, there is a significant difference between them. This quality paper contains a sizing ingredient that helps to keep fresh cut meats fresh for preservation. 

The prepared paper only enables a little amount of oxygen to reach the meat. This ensures that it remains fresh. Its brilliant red hue is maintained in this fashion.

Now you know the difference between various types of butcher paper. Now, let’s get you the one that suits you best. 

What Type of  Butcher Paper to Purchase For  Brisket? 

Amateurs use mountain smokers to make briskets. But you’re no amateur, are you? You know that to prepare a perfect brisket, you’ll need proper butcher paper. 

However, you might ask yourself, “what is the perfect size of the butcher paper? “ Well, that is what we’re here to help you with. 

There are a few things you should know first. Number one, you need to buy pink butcher paper. Why? Because this paper will keep the meat nice and moist. 

However, there’s also some downside to butcher papers. 

One disadvantage of butcher paper is that it cannot be soaked in beef broth or other liquids. Especially when you’re at the end of your cooking.  However, if you use aluminum foil, you can add the necessary beef broth at the end.

If you ask me, this is not a very big deal. Most highly qualified chefs think it’s better not to add broth at the end. Adding broth sometimes reduces the actual flavor of the brisket. 

Now there’s another misconception about butcher papers that many people believe to be true. That is butcher paper catches on fire. Well, this is completely false. The butcher paper will not catch fire if the stove is set to regular barbecue temperatures of around 300°F. 

But using more temperature than this will cause the meat to turn black or overcooked. This happens due to several reasons just 

So, now you know what kind of butcher paper you need to make the perfect brisket. Now, let’s find out which size you need. 


How many layers of butchers papers do I need for my Briskets?

In general, brisket should be wrapped around securely with 3 layers of butchers paper. But this might vary depending on your choice.

Do I really need butcher’s paper?

Yes, adding butcher paper has certain benefits. It makes the brisket moist. The meat doesn’t become soggy because it traps less steam. So there is a chance for the brisket to be breathable and becomes juicy. Whereas, leaving the brisket unwrapped will make it dry.

Final Word

That is all from us on what size butcher paper for briskets. What we summarize here is that the type of your butcher paper and its size will depend on the size of your brisket. If you have any further confusion, do let us know. 

Till then, happy cooking!

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