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Tiger Sauce Substitute-Top 4 Recipes!

Tiger Sauce is one of the most irresistible exotic hot sauces known to sauce lovers. Its diversified flavours make people look for its substitutes even if it’s not available.

We know you are badly in need of a Tiger Sauce Substitute. This is exactly where we come into play.

So the question is, What are the Tiger Sauce Substitutes? 

The most accurate Tiger Sauce Substitute is the Pickapeppa sauce. Next to it is the Worcestershire sauce. But you need to add hot cherry peppers and distilled vinegar with it to get a similar experience.

Well, these are not enough to have a substitute. There are certain recipes to get your desired substitute sauce. We’ll go through them in detail in our article.

So let’s not roam around the bush anymore. Let’s take a deep dive into the recipes!

What Makes Tiger Sauce So Special?

Tiger sauce is the go-to sauce for most chefs and cooks around the world. I mean it tastes exotic and literally goes with almost everything.

But what makes it so special? I guess it’s definitely the flavours it comes with. In the beginning, the sauce gives off a sweet and sour taste to the mouth. Later, the hot and moderately spicy flavours hit in. 

The spicyness hits because of the cayenne pepper base and the crushed red peppers. On the other hand, the sweetness is caused by the mixture of sugar and distilled vinegar.

All of these combined gives an exotic blend of flavours to it. It can be used on different types of sandwiches such as grilled or toasted cheese. You can also use it on BBQ, grilled meat and any sort of dips.

4 Substitutes of Tiger Sauce 

All the robust flavours from Tiger sauce makes it truly irresistible. However, the only downside is it’s not available that much today as of before. But this is not the end of the world guys. We’re here to fill the void of Tiger Sauce.

So, we bring four easy to find/make substitutes for Tiger Sauce.

Pickapeppa Sauce

Pickapeppa Sauce is the first one on the list for tiger sauce substitute. It has almost similar ingredients as Tiger Sauce and even provides a similar experience.

It’s also moderately spicy just like Tiger Sauce. On top of that, it even adds sweetness and sourness. It has sugar and vinegar that hits off the sweet and sour at first. Later, peppers, mago and raisins give off the exotic hot flavours.

This sauce is also thick in consistency. This makes it a nice dip to put beside your dishes. You can also use Pickapeppa Sauce in sandwiches, burgers, and BBQs.

So, if you want a sauce most similar to Tiger Sauce, Pickapeppa sauce is the way to go!

Homemade Recipe Using Hot Sauce and Corn Syrup/Honey

Our next substitute for tiger sauce is simple. It’s hot sauce and corn syrup. 

You see, the sweetness in Tiger Sauce can be replicated through some sweetener. And the easiest one to find is honey. If you don’t find honey, you can also use corn syrup. Both will work great here.

To make the substitute, you need to mix any of these 2 with the hot sauce from our kitchen. But don’t use up all the hot sauce from the bottle. Because you might make it a little too sweet.

So what you should do is, take 1 cup of hot sauce and then add half a tablespoon of honey to it. Nobody can tell you the right taste except you. So you need to taste the sauce after adding half a tablespoon of honey. If it’s not sweet enough like Tiger sauce, increase the dose of honey.

There might be times when the sauce becomes too thick after making. This is very common for homemade sauces. Even Alfredo Sauce becomes too thick. People then thin Alfredo sauce out.

If this one becomes too thick, you can add 1 tablespoon of water first. If that’s not enough, keep adding. But don’t add too much because then it would become runny.

If you have hot sauce lying around in the kitchen, go with this recipe for the perfect Tiger Sauce.

Homemade Recipe Using Worcestershire sauce

Next up, we’ve got a homemade recipe using Worcestershire sauce. The reason we picked this particular sauce is due to its similar ingredients to Tiger Sauce. It contains spirited vinegar, molasses, anchovies, etc. 

Worcestershire Sauce already has that sweet and tangy flavour like the Tiger Sauce. But it doesn’t quite have that level of spice in it. For that, we need to take some trouble.

We have already shortlisted the ingredients that would make it a perfect substitute for Tiger Sauce. Let’s see-

After you have gathered these ingredients, it’s time to make the sauce. For that, you would need to mix all of these in a pot. After that, boil it for 3 minutes on medium heat. Finally, decrease the heat and simmer for 2o more minutes.

And voila! You have just made a perfect substitute for Tiger Sauce.

Homemade Recipe without Any Sauce

So far, we’ve seen methods of producing tiger sauce alternatives through other sauces. However, you might not always find another sauce to make the alternative. So we have for you what needs to be done without adding any sauce.

To make this substitute you’re gonna need-

After you have a hold of these ingredients, you can easily make your own Tiger Sauce substitute. Let’s see how.

First, add cayenne base peppers in a jar. Make the jar at least 60% covered with them. After that, make a brine solution with salt and warm water and fill the jar up. Don’t forget to add some garlic and onion in it.

You also need to add either brown sugar or honey for that sweetness in Tiger Sauce.

Finally, cover the jar with a cheesecloth or fermentation lid and keep it for 6-7 days. After the fermentation time is up, add up the vinegar with the solution unless it’s smooth like silk.

And now, you have your homemade Tiger Sauce Substitute made from scratch.


Now, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Tiger Sauce.

What Kind of Sauce is Tiger Sauce?

Tiger sauce is a kind of exotic hot sauce with a sweet and sour kick at first. It’s moderately spicy because of the cayenne base pepper. And, the sweetness comes due to the brown sugar and distilled vinegar present in it.

Is Tiger Sauce Gluten Free?

Yes. Tiger Sauce is gluten free. You won’t have the proteins present in barley,oat, rye, or wheat here. It’s appropriate for vegetarians. Plus, it contains soya.

What is Tiger sauce Good for?

Tiger Sauce is good for sandwiches, BBQ, grilled meat, burgers, etc. You can literally have Tiger sauce for all kinds of fast foods and it would complement their tastes. In addition to this, it’s also good for using as dips.

Final Words

We hope we’ve been helpful in finding the Tiger Sauce Substitute. We really tried to share the knowledge that we gathered through our experience.

Remember that sweeteners and pepper are mainly responsible for the robust flavour of Tiger Sauce. Thank you for staying with us till the end. Do let us know if you’ve any queries in the comment section.

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