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How To Quickly Defrost Pizza Dough: 5 Helpful Tips & Best Guide

How to quickly defrost pizza dough and cook a delicious pizza with tasty pizza crust

Often, housewives immediately prepare a large amount of pizza dough, and partly it has to be frozen. However, then it must be properly thawed dough to preserve all properties. Read more about how to quickly defrost pizza and cook amazing pizza crust dough in this article.

how to quickly defrost pizza dough

Cooking pizza in a few sentences

Before proceeding to the study of the question, of how to quickly defrost frozen pizza dough, you should familiarize yourself with the features.

For pizza, the dough is prepared based on yeast and wheat flour, which contributes to the formation of a pizza crust.

To prepare a homemade pizza with a great pizza crust, you need to roll out a ball of pizza dough and add the filling in the form of sauce, vegetables, meat products, and mozzarella cheese.

After that, it remains to bake everything in the oven.

Due to the action of the yeast, the pizza dough increases, so there is the possibility of the formation of air pockets.

Proper freezing of pizza dough

So that you can use the pizza dough a month later, it is important to freeze it correctly. First, you need to knead the pizza dough, then divide it into parts.

This saves time in the future. After all, you can immediately get the right number of pieces for the required number of pizzas.

You can also freeze ready-made cakes. After they are defrosted, it is enough to lay the filling and start baking. However, it is best to freeze pizza dough at the last stage of cooking. After a while, take the dough out, defrost it, and wait the moment until it warms up to room temperature.

If you want to properly freeze pizza dough, you should follow a few tips:

  1. Prepare pizza dough according to the classic recipe.
  2. Divide it into pieces from which to form balls.
  3. Sprinkle a baking sheet with flour, and place the formed balls on top. Cover them with plastic wrap. It is better to use a baking sheet that has sides. This prevents contact between the tape and the pizza dough. You can also use plastic food containers.
  4. Leave the dough rise at room temperature. The pizza dough rise for about 90 minutes. However, the exact figures depend on the temperature in the kitchen. The pizza dough has risen if it has increased in size and is covered with slight bubbles.
  5. Send the container or baking sheet to the freezer, and wait for one to two hours for the pizza dough to completely freeze.
  6. After, you need to separate the balls from the container or baking sheet.
  7. Fold the balls into bags that are intended for freezing. Place again in the freezer.

Way to defrost pizza dough properly?

Several methods contribute if you want to defrost pizza dough.

Defrost pizza dough with a refrigerator

This method is considered the best; however, it takes a lot of time. You need about a day, so it is better to remove the balls from the freezer in advance. You need to get the frozen pizza ball and store pizza dough in the refrigerator.

The defrosting process lasts all night.

By morning, the pizza dough completely defrosts and does not exfoliate. You need to take the frozen pizza dough ball out of the refrigerator a few hours before the cooking process. It needs to give time to stand at room temperature and much rise. Then you can enjoy soft pizza.

This method is in demand because you do not notice at all that you are working with a frozen pizza dough ball. After all, it resembles in consistency the same options that you leave in the refrigerator for greater plasticity. Taste and texture do not deteriorate when defrosted.

A quick way to defrost a homemade pizza

Often people need to urgently cook pizza, and there is no way to wait a day. In this case, you can use quick methods that involve using water or a microwave oven.

The first way to DEFROST pizza: IS Water use

As you know, water is an ideal conductor of heat. Therefore, it tends to warm everything cold. You can use water if you need to thaw pizza dough. However, the pizza dough cannot be removed from the package. If the pizza dough comes into contact with water, defrosting is uneven and its hydration levels are lost.

You can use both cold and hot water.

Use of cold water for homemade pizza

To defrost pizza dough in cold water, remove the bag with the ball and put it in a bowl. Pour cold water into it, and leave for 2-3 hours. The frozen dough ball works on the principle of adding ice cubes to drinks.

To speed up the process, you can change the water every half an hour. Once the freezing pizza dough has melted and the inside is soft, leave it at room temperature for a few hours. This allows it to fit, and you can make a quality pizza crust.

If you want to check the pizza dough for ice inside, it is better to trust your intuition.

The pizza dough cannot be pierced. Otherwise, the gluten structure deteriorates, and you cannot achieve the softness of the pizza itself. Your expectations do not match reality.

This method is in demand because water helps to keep cool. This prevents premature separation or the allows formation of dough evenly consistent. Yes, the method cannot be compared in quality with the previous version. However, it significantly accelerates the process.

Using warm water

Many people think that water speeds up the defrosting process. Yes, it is possible. However, there are several important nuances. The use of warm water can lead to premature fermentation.

If you prefer this method, you can place the pizza dough bag in warm water. The main thing is that it should not be hot. Water tends to cool quickly, so you need to change it every 20-30 minutes. It takes several hours to defrost frozen pizza dough.

When the frozen pizza dough is not frozen inside, give it a few hours for the yeast to start working. The defrosting frozen pizza dough should increase in volume. The heat expands the gas. Therefore, you need to remove the air that is in the bag. Only after that, the dough can be put in warm water.

Watch the thawing process of the dough. There should be no signs of fermentation. If you notice small bubbles on the surface, it is best to transfer the dough to room-temperature water. This helps slow down the process.

Using the microwave

A microwave oven can be found in every home. It is comfortable to defrost foods there. You can use it if you need to defrost pizza dough. However, you have to work carefully so that the dough does not begin to cook.

In the case of using a microwave, you need to put the dough on a microwave-safe plate and cover it with a plastic lid. This prevents the rays from directly affecting the dough. You have to set the “defrost” mode and start the timer for 2.5 minutes.

You should end up with warm and soft pizza dough. However, inside it is a little frozen. Then leave it for another half an hour under the plastic wrap so that the defrosting is completed.

It seems to many that you can send the pizza dough in the microwave for a while. However, it is better not to do this. After all, the pizza dough begins to evaporate. To prepare the pizza dough, you need raw dough. It can only be stretched. If you heat the pizza dough on the microwave-safe plate too much, you cannot form a thin cake. It looks more like a bun.

Do not immediately start preparing the pizza dough. It is better to leave it for a few more hours in the kitchen.

Using the defrost pizza dough

The frozen dough can be used in the same way as regular dough. As soon as the dough is completely defrosted, and the inside does not be taken in a solid lump, you should leave the dough for several hours. This allows the yeast to activate, and the dough becomes more fluffy. Gas bubbles form inside to keep the pizza light.

Once the pizza dough rises, you can form different shapes of cakes out of it.

It all depends on what kind of pizza you prefer.

However, success awaits you only if you freeze pizza dough correctly. Otherwise, the dough remains a hard lump, spoiling the pizza taste.

Main advice

Regardless of which type of defrosting you prefer, the main thing is not to overheat the pizza dough. Otherwise, it cooks, and you get a perfect dough that is not suitable for making pizza. This recommendation is especially true if you are defrosting it with room-temperature water or a microwave.

As already mentioned, the yeast begins to activate ahead of time under the influence of active heat. Because of this, its texture may be lost, and you cannot achieve the desired result in baking pizza with a great pizza crust.


When it comes to defrosting pizza dough, lovers of delicious food face numerous questions. After all, they want to make the process fast and of high quality and have a tasty dish with a tasty pizza crust.

  1. How do you quickly thaw frozen pizza dough? People often want to quickly defrost pizza dough and enjoy a wonderful dish with a tasty pizza crust. Such a desire arises if guests unexpectedly come, and you need to quickly prepare a universal and beloved treat for everyone.You can place a ball of frozen dough in a deep bowl filled with a cold water bath. Complete defrosting of the dough is carried out within a few hours. You can also use warm water. However, it should not be hot, otherwise, the dough cooks and be unsuitable for further use.
  2. How do you bring pizza dough to room temperature quickly? It is frequently necessary to defrost the dough so that it has acquired room temperature. Especially if you are using store-bought dough. You need to take the dough out of the package and put it on top of the oiled baking sheet.Then cover the dry bowl and place it in a warm place. The freezing pizza dough reaches the desired temperature in half an hour.
  3. How do you thaw frozen dough? If you only have the frozen dough, then defrosting it is not difficult. A universal method is to store pizza dough in a refrigerator and defrost it. You need to put the product in the refrigerator and leave it for 12 hours. In this case, you remove the dough from the plastic wrap.After the specified time, you can remove the dough from the refrigerator. Then form a ball and place it in a dry bowl. First, it must be lubricated with oil so that nothing sticks.
  4. How long does it take for the dough to thaw from the freezer? It is impossible to say exactly how long the defrosting process of delicious pizza takes. It all depends on which method you use. When using a warm or cold water bath, defrosting lasts several hours. If you do everything in the refrigerator, you need to be patient because the process takes 12 hours.When using a microwave method, the process lasts about half an hour. However, it is not recommended to use options using heat. After all, the pizza dough may lose its texture, and not work. The pizza is ruined, and you do not taste great pizza crust.


As you can see, defrosting pizza dough is not difficult. The main thing is to decide on the method that suits you to defrost frozen pizza, and then follow the step-by-step instructions. Be careful and watch the behavior of the dough. If air bubbles begin forming on the surface, you can start rolling out the cake.

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