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can you freeze petit fours

Can You Freeze Petit Fours? [Explained]

You may have stock of some petit fours and you may be thinking of storing them. But you may have some confusion about the fact. 

There are different criteria where this matter can vary. You must know everything before storing it. 

So, can you freeze petit fours?

Yes, you can freeze petit fours! You can store it in the refrigerator for more than 3 months. But before storing them you must know the proper method of storing them. You can either freeze it before wrapping it with fondant or before decorating it. Before covering it with icing it’s long-lasting.  

This is not the whole object you need to learn. There are more important matters you may need to know to freeze petit fours properly. 

Let’s start with answering the question. 

Can You Actually Freeze Petit Fours?

Petit four is a bite-size small cake. That is very delicious. But sometimes for future use, you may need to freeze it. 

Ingredients of food are the key factors to determine if you can freeze or not. So, before knowing the answer let’s have a look at the ingredients list.

  • Eggs
  • Eggs yolks
  • Sugar
  • All-purpose flour 
  • Baking powder
  • Melted buttercream
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Frosting

These are the ingredients of the petit fours cake. After baking them all together it’s become perishable. Because ingredients in petit fours are perishable. 

Without freezing you can store it for at most two days in an airtight container. 

Some types of petit fours don’t contain perishable ingredients. This type of petit fours remains edible for up to five days.

If you freeze nonperishable petit fours then it remains good for more than three months. But to keep it good for a long time you need to know the exact way. 

So, in the next part, we’ll discuss how to freeze petit fours.

How to Store Petit Fours?

Well, whether you’re trying to thin out alfredo sauce or store petit fours, you need to follow some procedures.

Petit fours must be stored properly in the fridge. Because most of the petit fours are made with fresh food ingredients. And they are perishable. 

To keep it good for a long time there some specific ways to follow. Gradually we’ll discuss these steps one after another. 

Step1: Put in an Airtight Container

Airflow in the storing box drives the petit fours to rapid damage. So, you must store it in an airtight container.

To ensure airtightness you can use plastic poly on top of the container. After putting the poly on top of the container, stop the lid tightly.

Ensure no air is blowing in the box.

Step 2: Do Not Wrap it With Fondant or Icing

Petit fours that are not wrapped with fondant last longer in the fridge. That’s why do not wrap it or decorate it before freezing it.

Better if you can use fondants when you’ll use them.

Step 3: Store in Frost-Free Freeze

As you know, to keep petit fours good for a long time you must store them in the fridge. You have to keep the fridge temperature stable. First, the free fridge can keep the temperature stable.

Keep it in the safest corner where you won’t need to take it out without use. 

You can freeze petit four for almost two to three months. Sometimes you can keep it further if the petit fours are made with non-perishable goods.

It’s important to know how to use the petit fours after taking them out from the fridge.

How to Use Petit Fours From the Fridge?

There are some specific ways to use it from the fridge. After taking it out from the fridge you need to follow those directions.

Before decorating it with chocolate fondant you need to let thaw. Generally, you’ll need to keep it for more than one hour at room temperature.

After one hour it becomes ready for use. You can then top it with chocolate fondant.  Remember do not freeze it again after topping it with chocolate fondant or icing. Because freezing can destroy the shape and texture of petit fours decoration. 

Sometimes petit fours become hard for fridging. Losing softness and sponginess is an issue that people often face. 

This actually happens when air enters the container. After taking it out from the fridge give it proper time for it to thaw. 

And obviously do not freeze it again for a long time. After one use of the fridge the durability decreases. 

Now, you may be thinking, can you freeze already decorated petit fours? In the next part of this discussion, we’ll discuss that. 

Can You Freeze Already Decorated Petit Fours?

Already decorated petit fours are not recommended to store in the fridge. Because the chocolate fondants and icing become really stiff. And that can even become inedible. 

In special cases, if you need to freeze it then do not freeze it for a long time. If you use it for between 2 days, there is no problem with keeping it at room temperature. 

But to keep it at room temperature you need to keep the temperature factor in mind. At a temperature of higher than 30℃, you can keep it at most one day. 

But if you live in a cooler temperature area then the time can be more than two days. If you need to store your decorated petit fours for more than two days, you need to freeze them. 

Decorated petit fours do not last more than 10 days. For the decorated petit four freezing there is a risk of becoming inedible.

Because of using icing and fondant, it becomes stiff at a cooler temperature. 

For freezing, nutrients can be modified in petit fours. And for this reason, the chances of health risks increase.  

Next, we’ll cover the health risks which arise from freezing

Health Risks of Petit Fours for Freezing

It’s not a common issue. But you may all know that there can be an increase in harmful bacteria from freezing. 

Generally, bacteria can increase if you touch it before freezing. For this type of bacteria, you can face different side effects.

Among these side effects diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramp, and upset stomach are remarkable. 

To avoid these types of side effects try to avoid freezing petit fours. Have them soon after making it ready. 

Eating food immediately after making, is a good habit. Try not to make petit fours long before using them. 

You can only freeze the petit fours for unexpected cases. 

The best practice is making petit fours only 24 hours ahead of eating. Petit fours stay fresh and healthy for 24 hours at room temperature. 

In the final part of this article, we’ll share some alternative ways to store petit fours. 

Alternative Method of Storing Petit Fours

You may be thinking about how to store petit fours without freezing. Here we come up with a method of storing petit fours without freezing. 

In this method, you can freeze petit fours for more than two days. If you live in a place of temperature is low, it can be up to three days. 

Use Plastic Container:

Plastic containers can lock the moisture and freshness in the petit fours. Plastic containers are also good to stop airflow. 

For this reason, petit fours remain fresh for a longer period. In this method, you can store petit fours for more than two days without freezing. 

Use Poly Below The Lid:

Before stopping the lid, cover all the petit fours with poly. And make sure it touches the petit fours. 

And then stop the lid very tightly. 

In this method, you can store petit fours for more than two days without freezing. And storing without freezing is good for keeping fresh. 

But remember, don’t store it for more than two days. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The 4 Types Of Petit Fours?

The four types of petit fours are cakes, cookies, chocolate pieces, and meringues. But the most common type of petit fours is cake. Cakes are considered the most famous type of petit fours. Petit fours are bite-size small pieces of snacks. This is considered a delicious confectioneries. 

What Makes A Quality Petit Four?

Dedicated sponge cake makes quality petit fours. A dedicated sponge makes it soft and delicious. Also, this type of petit fours is healthy. You can use a sponge and refined chocolate fondant on the top. Chocolate fondant will make the petit fours look great. 

What Are Fresh Petit Fours Also Known As?

Fresh petit fours are also known as savory appetizers. This is famous among people as a snack. Being a small bite-size snack it can be a great solution for your small hunger. It’s considered healthy and taking this regularly doesn’t cause any harm.

Singing Off

Well, we’re about to close the discussion here. Hopefully, you got the answer to can you freeze petit fours?  

We’ve discussed every possible corner. You can give your valuable insight into this article. 

Knowing exactly what to do is very important for the perfect lifestyle. 


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