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Best Pancake Maker: Is It Hassle-free?

The smell of freshly baked pancakes topped with maple syrup can make all of us drool. The description kind of made us all crave some warm pancakes, right? Yeah, that’s how delicious and delightful pancakes are, in general! 

But this plateful of happiness isn’t that easy to make. Preparing the batter following a perfect recipe and then cooking it- the whole process involves a good amount of tricks and techniques. 

Overcooked or we better say burnt pancakes can make you lose your appetite for it. On the other hand, undercooked pancakes are extremely abhorrent. That’s why every pancake chef loves to have the best pancake maker in their kitchen. 

Editor’s Choice
4.8 out of 5.0 stars
Dash Electric Round Griddle
Dash Electric Round Griddle


User’s Choice
4.6 out of 5.0 stars
Cuisinart Belgian Pancake Maker
Cuisinart Belgian Pancake Maker


Best for money
4.5 out of 5.0 stars
NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe Maker
NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe Maker


But, to be honest, finding the best ones is a huge hassle. The perfect weight and a good quality material alongside a good dimension are hard to find. 

Moreover, countless available options make the heist even confusing. Therefore, we researched through the market for 2 weeks and handpick some of the best pancake makers. So to check them out, stick with us till the end.

Image Product Name Material Weight Price
backpac Dash Electric Round Griddle Nonstick 1.25 Pounds Check Price
backpac Cuisinart Belgian Maker Stainless Steel 8.23 Pounds Check Price
backpac NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe Maker Aluminum 2.4 Pounds Check Price
backpac Nostalgia Electric Griddle N/A 0.96 Pound Check Price
backpac IMUSA 2-Slot Electric Nonstick Arepa Maker Nonstick 2.6 Pounds Check Price
backpac LEMONHUA Mini Pancake Maker Aluminum 1.87 Pounds Check Price
backpac Gotham Steel Double Pan Aluminum 1 Pound Check Price

Dash Electric Round Griddle

If you are a regular user of pancake makers then you know the hassle that comes with pancake maker cleaning. Moreover, most of them are hard to carry around as well. 

Keeping these major issues in mind, we chose the first pancake maker on our list. The product name is Dash Electric Round Griddle. It’s a silver color, a nonstick-made product that can be used for versatile usage. 

Firstly, this product is extremely lightweight. It weighs around 1 pound which makes it extremely easy to carry around. 

Planning to make pancakes when you’re on an RV traveling? Then pack this maker with you and your job is half done. 

Plus, it comes with a 31 inches long chord. So, you’re not going to face extra hassle about the chord as well. Additionally, it requires a little space. So perfect for a small kitchen. 

Apart from this compact design and lightweight feature, this is easy to use. This ease is an absolute plus point for any kitchen appliance. You just need to plug it on and wait until the light goes off. That’s all. 

Moreover, this can be used for multiple purposes which makes it a versatile product. You can use it to stir fry, egg recipes, cookies, and grilled cheese alongside making pancakes. 

On top of that, it’s nonstick. So cleaning is extremely easy. You won’t have to worry much about wiping it. Besides, the outlook is so topnotch that it adds up to your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

The shiny silver color is very catchy and definitely gives it a distinctive look. Also, the product quality is praiseworthy too. It can provide an even temperature and nice texture. 

So as a whole, this pancake maker is undoubtedly one of the bests in the market.

  • The nonstick is good in quality, hence it provides good service and is easy to clean 
  • The materials are superior so the product is durable
  • This can be used for multiple purposes which makes it versatile
  • It has temperature control features that definitely deserves some appreciation 
  • Extremely easy to use and carrying it is very convenient due to the lightweight
  • It doesn’t have any on/off switch which makes it inconvenient

Cuisinart Belgian Maker

Some people love to make waffles at home alongside pancakes. And for these types of users, Cuisinart Belgian Maker is simply the perfect pick. It’s a BPA-free stainless steel-made pancake maker with a waffle iron. 

Basically what makes this product stand out from many other pancakes is its versatility. This comes with a set of 4-slice Belgian waffle plates and a 4-slot pancake plate. So, you can make both pancakes and waffles using this. 

But, this product is a bit heavy. Moreover, the dimension of this pancake is also bigger. So carrying it around isn’t an option even though the chord length is perfect for traveling. 

One thing about this pancake maker which we found extremely amazing is its design. Even though it’s made of stainless steel, it has a nonstick coating on the removable plates. 

As a result, you can easily clean them using dishwashing liquids. This ease of cleaning is preferred by a lot of users. But, the stainless steel part shouldn’t be cleaned with an abrasive cleanser or harsh pad, better to use a soft wiper.

On top of that, the setting options and indicators are also outstanding. This product comes with 6 setting options that you can use to choose your favored temperature. 

Besides, the ready-to-eat indicators and audible alerts make it extremely convenient. The recipe book that comes with this product is another plus point. So, considering all, this is a top-notch product.

  • The nonstick is good in quality, hence it provides good service and is easy to clean 
  • The materials are superior so the
  • Removable plates are easy to clean
  • Overall this product is extremely easy to use
  • It can be used for both pancake and waffle making, hence versatile
  • Comes with multiple temperature control options and other indicators
  • Good quality materials are used in this product, so durable
  • The plates get affected by the dishwasher after several uses, this definitely needs an upgrade.

NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe Maker

Next up we have another excellent quality, versatile pancake maker. The product name is NutriChef Electric Griddle Crepe Maker. It’s aluminum-made and weighs around 2.4 Pounds. 

This is also very efficient at making delicious crepes & blintzes. Even other types of popular breakfasts like bacon and eggs can be cooked on it as well. 

But versatility isn’t the only thing that makes this product an outstanding pick. The design and ease of use are some added features that increase its score. 

You can use this product with very minimal knowledge about pancake makers. Just reading the manual once will help you to start making pancakes on it. Moreover, it’s fast and prominent at its service which makes it great. 

Even though it’s a heavy-duty pancake maker, it’s extremely compact. Therefore, having it in your kitchen is an absolute privilege. You can store it whenever you’re not using it. You can also carry it while traveling as well. 

Moreover, the design engineering of this product must be appreciated. It’s made with out-and-out thoughtfulness. This is portable and allows using it remotely. 

Furthermore, the indicators and LED lights make the user experience much easier. They notify the user from time to time and help to understand when to plug and unplug. So you can cook with perfection without much hassle. 

Lastly, this pancake maker comes with a wooden spatula & batter spreader. All these necessary equipment. So making pancakes becomes easy if you go for this product. 

  • Extremely compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • Ease of use and ease of cleaning makes it extraordinary
  • Versatile in use
  • Has several options to control the temperature, it ensures a nicely cooked pancake
  • It’s extremely quiet in operation, so using it is absolutely fun
  • The additional equipment that it comes with isn’t very good in quality

Nostalgia Electric Griddle

There are so many available products in the market. But some of them are simply excellent enough to stand out from the crowd. Next up we have one of those products. The product name is Nostalgia Electric Griddle. 

This is another lightweight and compact product. Hence, it can be carried around easily and is perfect for the small, congested kitchen. You can take it with you on travel as it is extremely travel-friendly. 

Moreover, this is perfect for multiple uses and the using process is much easier. It takes 1-3 minutes to preheat and when the cooking is done, it has an effective indicator. So, you can make perfectly cooked pancakes very smoothly. 

As we already talked about the versatility of this product, let’s focus on its durability. This pancake maker is really good in service and quality. It has a satisfying life as well. 

Furthermore, the cool touch handle is an additional plus point for this maker. It gives the user ease of using it without worrying about getting burnt. Besides, it makes the opening and closing of the lid easier as well. 

One last thing about this product that deserves a huge shoutout is its dual-sided cooking surface. It has a 5-inches wide cooking surface on both sides that provides an efficient service.

  • Perfect for pancake making as well as other usages 
  • Lightweight and compact which makes it travel friendly and requires the least space 
  • The dual cooking surface makes it extremely efficient 
  • The using process and cleaning process both are simple
  • It has good temperature control options
  • This is not very skilled at generating heat, so takes longer to heat the pan up

IMUSA 2-Slot Electric Nonstick Arepa Maker

Next up, we have another good-quality pancake maker. Not exactly versatile in use like most of the products on our list. But undoubtedly one of the greatest pancake makers in the current market. 

This product is extremely efficient at making pancakes. It has two pancake molds in one maker. So you are going to get two pancakes at the same time. And, it’s absolutely perfect for using when you’re in a rush or have to make large batches. 

The process of using this pancake maker is pretty easy. On top of that, the cleansing process is just as easy as using it. Altogether you are going to get a smooth user experience if you choose this pancake maker. 

It comes with temperature options and a preset temperature feature. These all are certainly some of the useful attributes for a well-performing product.

Furthermore, it has a light and power indicator switch. This is extremely useful for the user. The indicators will notify you about your pancake’s current state. Also, the automated system will definitely give you ease. 

Lastly, it is compact in size and simply perfect for storing. It has a locking lid feature. This ensures that you can keep this product safe while storing it without any hassle. 

As a whole, this product has everything you need from a good quality pancake maker. So if the pros and cons suit you then you definitely should give it a try.

  • It has two molds for two pancakes, hence it saves time
  • Extremely use to use and the cleaning process is also easy 
  • Good at its service, make perfect pancakes
  • The price is reasonable
  • Perfectly designed for storing purposes as it comes with a locking lid
  • This is not very skilled at generating
  • The indicating light isn’t much reliable, some advancement here will be much appreciated
  • It needs some advancement in producing more heat. Otherwise, it becomes tough to operate especially when in a hurry

LEMONHUA Mini Pancake Maker

Time to introduce another lightweight and efficient pancake maker. The product name is LEMONHUA Mini Pancake Maker. It has 7 different mini pancake holes where you can make 7 pancakes at a time. 

Therefore, this product is good for saving you valuable time. You can make quite an amount of pancakes together which will save your time. Moreover, the time you need for cleaning and wiping will also be saved. 

Also, this pancake maker is made of aluminum and is absolutely PFOA-free. Hence, it is extremely lightweight. The silicone-made handle is also not very heavy. As a whole, this is very easy to carry around.  

Another plus point about it is its energy efficiency. As it runs on any type of stove apart from the induction cookers. So, you are definitely going to save a good amount of energy by using this. 

As it doesn’t have any electric cords attached, it is easy to wash it without worrying. Handwashing is preferable to clean this particular pancake maker. But be very careful to not put it inside any dishwasher or oven. here oven is the best choice for you.

Furthermore, this is versatile in use. You can use it for other purposes apart from pancake making. And not exaggerating at all but this is really great at cooking other foods as well.

  • Saves time by making 7 pancakes at the same time
  • Needs less time to clean it and can be hand washed
  • As it functions on stoves, so it saves a good amount of energy 
  • It can be used for other purposes as well, so versatility is definitely a plus point for it
  • Extremely light-weight and easy to carry around
  • It gets heated very quickly, so the chances of getting burnt are extremely high. 

Gotham Steel Double Pan

So we have already got to know a lot about different types of pancake makers. All of them were distinct in their own way and with their own features. Now we have our last product on the list which is the Gotham Steel Double Pan. 

As the name suggests, this is actually a double pan. Does it sound very confusing? Well, it’s absolutely different from all the other products that we have on our list. 

This is a pan but it has a double surface hence it looks like a double pan. So that’s how the name came to be. Moreover, it doesn’t need any voltage supply to run as it is suitable for stoves. 

So, you’re going to save a good amount of energy if you choose this double pan for pancake making. This double pan design is very thoughtful and extremely good at its service. 

It can make fluffy pancakes which will definitely give your tastebuds a blast. But its usage is not only confined to pancake making. This is absolutely great at making frittatas, perfect omelets, bacon, and much more. 

So this versatility definitely brings a huge chunk of points to its scorecard. Another plus point is its smooth finishing. It has such a smooth coating that can make perfect pancakes without any pre-oil brush. 

As we were speaking about a superior coating, let us give some more information here. This coating is extremely durable which adds to the pan’s overall lifetime. 

On top of that, its scratch-proof coating and metal resistance enable the user to use sticks to flip the pancakes. This feature certainly gives the user ease of use. Besides, the aluminum composition is good for perfect heat distribution. 

So you’re definitely going to experience one amazing journey with this double pan pancake maker. Moreover, the thoughtful design and the effortless cleaning will make you better off, no doubt about that. 

So considering all the features alongside its ergonomic handle design, this is an excellent choice. We will recommend this product to everyone who’s considering a pancake maker for regular use.

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • Durable and the price range is very reasonable
  • The design of this pan is absolutely top-notch, it has an ergonomic handle which is a definite plus point
  • The high-quality coating that it has is praiseworthy
  • Energy efficiency is another plus point of this pancake maker
  • They don’t perform well in high temperatures, some betterment here would be good. 
  • Better packaging would make this product even better as the current packaging couldn’t satisfy some users

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Is Having A Frying Pan Enough To Make Pancakes? 

Many people think investing in a pancake maker is a waste. Because you can do this job with your frying pan. 

Well, let us be honest here. You can make pancakes using a frying pan. But that doesn’t make the pancake maker useless. Pancake maker is still preferred to pans for many reasons. 

Firstly, because pancake makers have several options to control the temperature. So you are going to get some even and perfectly cooked pancakes without much bothering. 

But when cooking pancakes on a frying pan, that really is a huge load of work. Maintaining the perfect temperature and flipping the pancake at the right time- all these take much effort. 

Hence, we always suggest having a pancake maker at home for those who regularly make pancakes. It doesn’t take much space and can be stored when not in use. 

So, it won’t cause you much trouble to place it in your kitchen. Another reason why we prefer pancake makers is their kid-friendliness. You can involve your children in making pancakes if you have a maker at home. 

What Is The Efficient Way Of Cleaning A Pancake Maker?

Not all pancake makers can be cleaned in the same way. The difference in their design and their functioning style affects the cleaning process. It is extremely important to make sure that the electric parts aren’t getting wet. 

This is literally the most crucial part of cleaning a pancake maker. Hence the cleaning becomes extremely tricky. Some pancake makers are built with ease of cleaning. 

Choosing those makers eliminates the hassles that come with cleansing. They can be wiped away just like other kitchen appliances. Using washing liquids and cleaning them with gentle cloths work perfectly. 

But one thing that must be taken care of is not submerging it into water. Also, take care to not use abrasive cleaners on it. This harms the overall pancake maker’s condition. 

Do I Need The T-Shaped Stick For Making Pancakes?

Well, it’s not like you can’t make pancakes without this stick. But having this will definitely help you out in making better pancakes. Many pancake makers come with this thing.

But unfortunately, they are mostly wooden sticks which aren’t very useful. For spreading the mixture evenly and to flip the pancakes efficiently, stainless steel t-shaped sticks are the best.

They will give you ease of use and this is certainly a bonus point, no doubt about that. So even though you can make pancakes without this stick, we would suggest having one for better outcomes.   


Is a pancake maker worth it? 

If you are someone who regularly makes pancakes, then it definitely is worth it. Moreover, most pancake makers are durable and serve you for a long time, so investment will be a wise one, no doubt about that. Lastly, most pancake makers are versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. This definitely makes it worth it. 

Can I make eggs with a pancake maker?

Yes, obviously you can. At times, pancake makers are the best way to make eggs. Mostly the nonstick ones are perfect for making different egg recipes. The design really helps in this process.

Can you make pancakes on a crepe maker?

Crepe makers are pretty versatile. They are not only good for one thing. Hence most people use it for different purposes which is pretty normal. So you can make pancakes with a crepe maker. And they will be fluffy and nicely made. 

Are aluminum pans good for pancakes?

Aluminum pans are extremely lightweight. Hence they are easy to carry around. Moreover, aluminum pans are extremely efficient at conducting heat. Hence aluminum pans are heated in no time. This is good and bad both for pancakes. Good because you can efficiently cook pancakes within a short time. Bad because losing the hold on temperature control is very easy if the pan isn’t automatically controlled. 

Why do pancakes stick to the pan?

There can be quite a lot of reasons behind this. One of the major reasons is not putting oil on the pan before spreading the pancake batter. Another reason might be that the pancake maker is faulty. A bad quality material might cause the pancake batter to stick with the pan. 

To Sum Up

Everyone loves to have a perfectly cooked, fluffy, and well-mixed pancake with their favorite toppings. Moreover, making pancakes is literally the easiest thing to do. But finding the best pancake maker surely isn’t easy at all. 

No matter how much you love pancakes, you won’t like any hassle regarding pancake makers. Hence it’s important to be cautious when you’re considering a pancake maker. 

So choose your maker carefully, keeping all the important factors in mind. We really hope you find the suitable one for your kitchen. So have a feast after picking the best pancake maker. Our good wishes to you.

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